With the development and rapid changes in science and engineering developed economy led to demand for artificial human resources, especially robots. Robot has been helping people in many fields such as service, industrial, medical, … The exist of them opens a new era, the era of science and technology, the creative intelligence , in which the muscular labor was gradually replaced by the labor of machinery. The hard work, requiring high accuracy that previously required several days to complete, robot can do it in just a few minutes. With high accuracy, the ability to operate non-stop, with good multi-tasking capabilities, the robot can gradually help people in all areas of life.

Also a student in engineering, we would like to be able to use the knowledge we have learned to contribute to building, developing and bringing the robot closer, more human-friendly. First in the school, in the learning environment we notice each time to the library to borrow books or read books. We could not immediately find the book we wanted. So we decided to experiment with researching and designing a robot to serve and support in this fields. That is Library robot.