Press Machine the recycled materials into household products

Today, when the social grows more and  the lifestyle is faster. As a result, the enviromental pollution also increase than before, especially the soild waste pollution which is a result of using a lot of disposable products. Because of their conveniences in parking food, so they are more popular especially in Viet Nam. A part of them is collected and processed but  the other part is not and pollute the enviroment. So the using new materials, oganic materials is a great idea. Oganic materials can self-decomposition in the natural environment after a sort time. In order to actualize this idea, some oganic materials have been reseached and experimented, which able to make into products, so that design the die and the machine. After fall some samples and refered different materials from orther countries, areca leaves were chosen. Basic properties as mechanical, biological and chemical are reseached to serve the making products. Other hand, the dependence of the shaping of productions with another elements as humidity, temperature, time of pressing and heating has been found by experiences. The product is made using a molded die combined with heat-stressed heat through the compressed air cylinder system. If conditions are favorable, some new materials will be tried and machine will be more efficient.